Banyan Wellness 2018


The 2018 Banyan Wellness Program will run from January 1 through December 31, 2018.  The top 3 point earners at  the end of the year will receive $275.  There will be other surprise awards announced throughout the program. Point values and additional information are detailed below.  Please see below for instructions and links. 

This year, we're not just focusing on physical health, but mental health as well.  We're partnering with the app Headspace to offer mindfulness and meditation aid for all employees.  Keep an eye on your inbox for launch information.  In addition to the app, we want to encourage mental health activities of all kinds.  See below for additional information!

Good luck!


Point Categories

+ Monthly Step Challenge

Each month, there will be a new step challenge. Everyone who participates will receive 5 points with top steppers receiving points based on the challenge type. You can use any type of step tracker including your phone, a Garmin, FitBit or an Apple Watch.

For full details on how to join, please click here: Step Challenge Instructions

You do not need to submit anything for the Monthly Step Challenge, you just need to join each month and you will automatically receive your points.

+ Corporate 5K’s

Each region is going to have an "official" Banyan 5k and all participants will get 15 points and a T-Shirt for being a part of it! All employees are welcome to participate in any region's event, so if you happen to be in town and want to join, let us know! Registration fees are covered for all full-time employees for the corporate runs. Friends and family are more than welcome to join, however they are responsible for their own registration fee. You do not have to run! Walking is perfectly fine!

This year's 5k's can be found here: Events

Most events allow for the employer to automatically pay for the registration fees, but if not, you can submit here: Corporate Run Reimbursement

Once the event is complete, please submit your participation here: Corporate Run

+ Workouts

Workouts of all types count towards points in the wellness program. This includes going to the gym, working out outside, attending boot camps, going for a bike ride, using an exercise machine at home, gardening, going for a walk, etc. Do any combination of activities 8 times witin a month and receive 15 points. Bonus points if you use your Banyan selfie stick! If you complete a second (or third!) round of eight exercises, keep submitting! You'll get 15 points per group of eight workouts in each month! All 8 must be completed during the calendar month, they won't roll over.

To submit your workouts, please go here: Workout Sets

+ Non-Corporate Events

In addition to the corporate runs, you can get points for any race in which you participate. Point values are as follows:

5K - 10 points

10K - 15 points

Half Marathon - 20 points

Full marathon - 30 points

Triathlon - 40 points

Iron Man - 50 points

If you are participating in an event that isn't listed, please submit it and it will still be worth points! This includes swimming races, biking races, etc.

To submit, go to this form: Other Physical

+ Monthly Reimbursement

Health can be expensive, so to help with costs you can submit for a reimbursement each month for any fitness related expenses for up to $20. This includes gym membership dues (both Youfit and Planet Fitness have $10 options), running shoes, a jump rope, vitamins, supplements, massages, saunas, acupuncture, or anything else you spend money on to improve your health. In addition to the $20, you’ll get 10 points for each month you get a reimbursement. You can submit one expense for multiple months up to 3 months ($60).

Submit for your monthly reimbursement here: Monthly Reimbursement

+ Headspace

Banyan has partnered with Headspace to get meditation memberships for every employee! Just like the workouts, you can get 15 points for every 8 meditation sessions you complete during a calendar month using the Headspace app. Sessions of every length count, so just use the types that work best for you!

To submit your sessions, please go here: Headspace Submission

Email Karin Dunne ( for your free membership.

For additional information and resources, go here: Headspace Information

+ Mental Wellness

This year, we want to encourage mental wellness across the board, so now we're giving points for mental wellness activities as well. For each activity, you can get 5 points, up to 30 points per month. Some examples of activities are acupuncture, meditation1, massages, saunas, yoga2, stress management classes, etc. You can also submit these activities for your monthly reimbursement.

Go here to submit for this category: Mental Wellness

Please remember that you or someone you know can always get assistance from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and/or the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741

1This is for meditation through something other than Headspace. Information on earning points through Headspace can be found in that section above.

2If you submit a yoga class through the Mental Wellness category, you can't submit it through workouts as well.

+ Feeding America

Volunteering with Feeding America can get you 5 points per shift! You can get points for going with the company or on your own, so get a group together or bring you kids1!

Go here to submit for this category: Feeding America

1Please check with the branch for minimum age requirements.

General Wellness Information

+ Employee Assistance Program

Through our benefits program, every employee has access to the Employee Assistance Program. You can find more information on the program, newsletters and webinars they offer here:

+ Health Benefits Website

Another reminder, there is a wide variety of health information available on our Benefits Website ( You can use this site to update information for your health benefits (address changes, etc.), learn about your benefits, and learn about various health topics.